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CloudBees Wins a Perfect Trifecta! January 10, 2012

Posted by Sacha in CloudBees, English, IT.

I always start the New Year with plenty of well-intended resolutions. Never mind, most of them don’t last: as soon as I start hitting the post-break reality, resolutions seems harder to satisfy, exceptions to whatever I have committed to seem to stack up and, oh well…maybe next year.

For now, the same logic doesn’t seem to apply at CloudBees. Here’s why.

In 2010, we committed to ourselves that in 2011 we would offer the first end-to-end, development-to-production Java PaaS in GA. Last year, in January 2011, we announced the first end-to-end, development-to-production, Java PaaS in GA. That was a great way to start the year — without breaking an important New Years resolution.

In 2011, we committed to aggressively communicating to the industry who CloudBees is and what we offer. We did just that. As if it was a mirror image of January 2011, this January–in just a few days—also saw that resolution come to be! In just a few days, CloudBees received three awards!

The first one was NetworkWorld, who recognized CloudBees as one of “9 hot technology startups to watch in 2012.” Wow – not bad for a one-year old company!

The next day, Dr. Dobbs announced the JOLT Awards. CloudBees received an Honorable Mention and, according to Executive Editor Andrew Binstock, “…CloudBees was included for special distinction because we strongly feel it indicates an important new direction in coding.”

Finally, last but not least, today we received an “InfoWorld 2012 Technology of the Year Award,” placing us in good company with products such as … Amazon Web Services, the iPad, Apple Siri, MacBook Air, etc. You can also read the press release we issued today.

With such a great start, I have a very good feeling about CloudBees in 2012…and, I can’t wait to see what NEXT January may also bring! After all, good things happen in threes…





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