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Hudson is now Jenkins January 31, 2011

Posted by Sacha in CloudBees, English, IT.
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After some passionated discussions, the Hudson community has voted and accepted by more than 93% of positive votes to rebrand the project to “Jenkins”.

A three-persons interim board has been setup to further formalize the development processes and architecture of Jenkins. One of those seats has been offered to ORCL, but it seems they’ve declined it. The idea is to setup proper board elections in a few months, once the dust has settled.

Let me restate that while CloudBees is an important contributor to the Jenkins project, we have no intent to “take ownership” of that project: we won’t own its trademark, nor will we request contributors to assign a copyright license to CloudBees. Decisions about the Jenkins project will take place through its board and community. We certainly invite companies interested in Jenkins to join the community – and that includes ORCL. I’ve already received e-mails of companies indicating their intent to start working or to keep working with the Jenkins community.

The Jenkins community is an equal playing field project, code speaks.






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