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“Nice web site, guys” August 27, 2010

Posted by Sacha in CloudBees, English, IT.

After the launch of cloudbees.com, I’ve received quite a few congratulations e-mails (thanks!). Most of these e-mails mentioned they really liked our web site.

The company who worked on our web site’s design is Hyperweek, founded by Raphaël Briner. (Hyperweek is not a web design shop though – they helped us only because we know them personally and asked politely).

Hyperweek is a social publishing platform and one of the things they do  is to help  companies promote their brand by creating rich-media social networks around their products/business.

For example, one of their customers is the well known Hublot luxury watchmaker for which they have built a social platform for the Hublot customers – a next generation VIP club!

Another example I really like is “Notre Histoire” (“Our History”) a social site that aims at collecting any kind of media (movies, pictures, etc.) from citizens about “the 20th Century in Switzerland” – very nice concept.

Thanks Julien for your hard work!





1. Raphaël - August 27, 2010

Thanks Sacha. Yes we are not a webshop (I had one and it’s not in my plan for the next upcoming years). Meanwhile It’s interesting to work on other’s products & communications and not always on your stuff. And see that some little tricks we learnt day after day experimenting with our product & website work also for others. We hope we will have a bit of time to give to Hudson a better look. It deserves it.

For the moment, HyperWeek is a typical SaaS product, cloud-based. I hope to become one day a PaaS. It’s coming.

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