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CloudBees is now live! August 26, 2010

Posted by Sacha in CloudBees, English, IT.

After several months of stealth-mode activity, CloudBees has now gone live. From the initial vision document to the current day, an enormous amount of work has been achieved and I am very proud of our team.

If you are interested to know what CloudBees is about, read our introductory blog and visit CloudBees’ web site. As you will see, our vision will be executing along two axes: DEV@cloud (SaaS for developers) and RUN@cloud (PaaS for production). While our initial offering falls under the DEV@cloud umbrella, we are already working on our RUN@cloud offering – so stay tuned.

On a personal basis, while I had been used to work with a very distributed team at JBoss/Red Hat, my daily interactions were mostly with European- and US-based colleagues. At CloudBees, the situation is more extreme: with people on 5 different timezones, spanning from -9h to +8h to where I live, this has been very stimulating! Have a question or an idea? Just jump on IRC and you can be sure to find somebody 7/7, 24/24.

So, what can you do for us? Well, if you are using Hudson (or if you would love to be using it), you should definitively give a try to our Hudson as a Service (HaaS) offering. I think you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to register and use it – and only pay for what you need. No more fights with your IT department to get the boxes you need, have them setup and maintained, etc. Just start a job and it will execute on a fully dedicated and fresh instance – billed by the minute (!). Best: you don’t have to change anything to your existing Hudson habits. And since our beta program has limited availability, you’d better register now.





1. Mark Little - August 27, 2010

Great work! Definitely one of the “killer apps” for Cloud IMHO.

2. Manik Surtani - September 17, 2010

As another suggestion for a Developer SaaS: Selenium in the Cloud. I forget the statistics, but some stupidly large percentage of real-world apps have web UIs and testing web UIs are always a PITA. Especially across different browsers and OS’es. Selenium helps but Selenium-as-a-Service would really rock. 🙂

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