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Hiring – Marketing May 11, 2010

Posted by Sacha in CloudBees, English, IT.

BzzzzzA few weeks ago, I announced I was back into the game. Well, things are moving well and the engineering team is doing wonders!

Now, in order to launch our first offering and reach as many users and customers as possible, we are recruiting for the following position: Technical Sales and Marketing Manager*.

This person will be responsible for all pre-sales prospect/customer-facing systems and activities including (but not limited to) web site presence (implementation, content creation and follow-up), presence on social tools (Facebook, twitter, etc.), presence at conferences, evangelization, etc.

Does such a James Bond person really exist? Probably not. Consequently, the best fit is probably a very hands-on Sales Engineer with a strong Java middleware background who has already worked on program marketing and product marketing activities and would be willing to further grow into that marketing role. Oh, and you must be ambitious, smart and energetic. Track-record in community building and evangelization is a must! Ideally, this hero native’s tongue is English, lives in Boston and has already worked for startups.

Obviously, being a startup, we pay with low salaries and stock options (until we raise our first round of financing – and then we’ll decently pay).

If you are this 007, contact me at firstname@lastname.com.



EDIT: one of my co-bee made the following comment which I thought made sense: “As our market is technical people, it isn’t marketing in the sense of coming up with ad campaigns for the new Snuggie, but quite technical. Ideally they would be happy to get hands dirty on code for demos, understand important customer needs, understand a bit of the architecture etc. Google calls these people “developer advocates” – they get developers (the market) excited and signed up, and act as advocates for their interest internally… When looking at people, I would hope we can get someone that is good at blogs, twitter etc, as you say, “public speaking” both online and off. Someone that you want to hang out with. Basically, we want Iron Man”. (We have more details in a proper job description document btw.)

*) The word “Manager” needs to be put in the context of the company’s very early stage of development. The current position includes the management of complete processes and activities. However, it does not include any traditional management duties such as people management. Therefore, we are looking for an ambitious candidate who will need to be very hands-on and focused on operational activities.



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