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JBoss World 2009 September 4, 2009

Posted by Sacha in English, IT, JBoss.

Even though I left RHT a few months back, I remained in close touch with the team there and it is with a great pleasure that I attended JBoss World 2009 this week in Chicago.

For the first time ever, JBoss World and Red Hat Summit happened at the same time under the same roof. Better, a unique pass enabled attendance to either sessions. While this approach had some risks, it has been very well executed: both conferences kept their pedigree while enabling cross-pollination (I’ve myself attended several RHEL-related sessions). From an attendance standpoint, I’ll wait for the official number, but I’ve heard the number of 1’600 persons which isn’t bad at all in the current economy.

On the JBoss front, this year was pretty reasonable in terms of announcements. Things I’ll remember from this year:

  • The long awaited EAP 5 has been released (yes, I know, it was about time)
  • Bill Burke initiated the REST-* initiative, aiming at defining a set of middleware services API on top of REST (read: WS-* for IQ<180)
  • RHT initiated the Deltacloud effort aiming at standardizing an abstraction layer for IaaS cloud providers
  • and last but not least, the GateIn project was released to the public!

The last news is actually very important and generated quite a bit of noise since i) it is clearly a big jump for JBoss Portal users and ii) will shed quite a bit of light on Exo Platform, a talented company whose codebase was merged with JBoss Portal. Project merge are always risky but the result that has been achieved in just a few months of work is simply amazing – look at the snapshots.

Since I’ve left the conference one day before it closes, I’ll miss tonight party but I think it is much safer this way – one party was enough 😉




Weight and cultural differences September 4, 2009

Posted by Sacha in /dev/null, English.
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This week I was in Chicago in order to attend the common JBoss World/Red Hat Summit event and it was a great opportunity to meet with many friends and colleagues I hadn’t seen for a long time.

During those reunions, I realized that the most frequent comment I’d get related to … my weight. “Everybody” would tell me that I looked great and that I had lost weight! Hey, that’s good to hear! Well, until I realized that they were all either European or American and that I met with an ex-Chinese colleague who told me: “Oh, you look good, didn’t you take on some weight?”…

Truth be told, since I left RHT, I have the exact same weight 😉