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Mac OS X Snow Leopard “shipping” today… August 28, 2009

Posted by Sacha in /dev/null, English, IT.

Apple has had an impressive ride in the last 8 years and is now the obvious leader in distributing all possible digital entertainment bits: from songs to movies, from iPhone applications to online courses, Apple is leading the pace.

Except… except if you want to buy their latest OS cut: Snow Leopard. I find it amazing that in 2009 Apple is not selling an electronic version of Mac OS X (on their iTunes Store for example). In that area, MSFT is clearly one step ahead of Apple since you can not only buy downloadable version of their OSes, but also of their office suite.

The absence of an electronic version of Mac OS X just doesn’t compute. Any idea why they don’t have one?



1. Michael Neale - August 29, 2009

Too much even for Apple’s formidable CDN?

Apple fans like shiney boxes? (I know I am partial to them? )

who knows…

2. Sacha - August 29, 2009

Not sure about the CDN since AFAICT this is owned and operated by Akamaï, not by Apple itself.

I like shiney boxes as well, but that is not incompatible with an electronic delivery. BTW, I went in several shops yesterday and they had either sold everything or not yet received their boxes.

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