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JBoss + Exo announcement July 19, 2009

Posted by Sacha in JBoss.

eXoJBossJBoss recently made a pretty significant announcement: a strategic partnership with eXo Platform.

(Disclaimer: I am truely excited by this announcement as this is one of the last business projet I had been working on whilst at RHT.)

Unlike many partnerships, this one is not “just” a business one (which would be perfectly find btw, I value those a lot). This alliance is multi-faceted and includes a deep community alliance since both companies will now work on a same and unique portal foundation (hence the same codebase, hosted at jboss.org). This is about recognizing each others strenghts and weaknesses and addressing them by cherry-picking the best pieces on both side.

When we first met with the Exo team (meeting took place earlier this year in Neuchâtel), we first agreed on high-level business principles to make sure an overall deal would be possible, but the remainder of the week was spent working on architectural and technical matters. None of the teams were willing to compromise on the quality of the “merged” architecture. To that end, I’d like to thank the excellent attitude of Thomas Heute, Julien Viet and Benajmin Mestrallet: at no point in time have I seen the tiring NIH syndrome (Not-Invented-Here) interfere in our discussions. The fact that Julien had an intimate knowledge of both architecture certainly helped.

10 days ago, I’ve met with both Thomas and Julien in the Fribourg Alps and I got confirmation that very active engineering work is underway.

So, let’s stay tuned to see further (and specific) announcements, but this is a great opportunity for those two companies with different but parallel strategies to focus on a common foundation.

BTW, will you be at JBoss World? I will 🙂





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2. Raju - July 28, 2009

Well its just over a year. Looks like a lot of things have changed
What happened to JBoss Portal sounds eerily similar to what Julian Viet wrote about Sun’ Portal … JBoss folded its Portal and did exactly what Julian was saying Sun was doing to its older Portal product version….

And adding to it Julian quits the very product/project he was passionate about and joins a competitor just a few months after making these strong statements 🙂

Sacha - August 16, 2009

Raju, I am sure Sun’s portal will do great as part of ORCL. As you say, let’s see in one year, for whatever reason I am more inclined to bet on the JBoss&Exo partnership than I am to bet on the ORCL&SUN swallowship.

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