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Terrible Style featuring Busta Rhymes April 26, 2009

Posted by Sacha in Regional, sponsoring.

bustarhymes_v2A few weeks back, thanks to Pierre Dubois, I’ve met with Avny Krasniqi from Terrible Style which aims at organizing events promoting a non-violent and multicultural society, mostly through the hip hop culture.

In the past years, Terrible Style organized many great parties such as the European breakdance championship in 2005 and the “Open Mind” festival with artists like Kool Shen, NTM and Kery James.

In 2009, Avni is back with a new concept. Terrible Style will organize 10 events across Switerland featuring the best European rappers (or American if possible). Again, the key concepts of those events will be “non-violence”, “multi-culturalism”, “fight against racism and xenophobia”, etc.

The first event of this 2009 series will feature a American rap super-star: Busta Rhymes. I hope I’ll see you this coming Wednesday at la Case à Chocs in Neuchâtel for this great night.





1. Thomas Heute - April 27, 2009

I don’t intend to be a party breaker or moralist but looking at “Busta Rhymes” Wikipedia page (For what it worth) he doesn’t seem to be the most appropriate person to promote “a non-violent and […] society”…

IAM which is also on “Terrible Style” list sounds like a better (personal) choice 🙂

But for sure i will keep my machete at home from now on 😉

(Full disclaimer: Fan of Noir Desir, lead singer killed his gf. Not mixing music with personal stories)

2. Sacha - April 30, 2009

Salut Thomas,

I agree, I thought about the same thing actually. I had prepared a reply to your comment explaining how this can make sense , etc. but at the end of the day you are right: there is an underlying issue. No big deal though: as you state, it is his personal life, and it was part of the past and he paid for what he did – but I get your (valid) point.


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