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Sponsoring – when, why, whom? April 26, 2009

Posted by Sacha in Regional, sponsoring.

I’ve regularly “helped” (sponsored mostly) various cultural events/organizations in the past and as I keep doing so (and more than I did last year), I started wondering whether I had been doing this in a totally random fashion or whether I had intuitively followed some implicit rules.

While it is still a work in progress, I have observed the following:

  • There is always a random (or arbitrary) aspect to the help I’ve provided: sometimes you just happen to meet somebody with a nice story, the chemistry works, etc. And that’s fine, randomness is good, just ask Sir Darwin.
  • All of them are local to Neuchâtel. It is not unusual for people to promote what’s local to them, the same applies here. And given that I really like Neuchâtel, here we are.
  • People must be passionate, authentic and have a vision. I only help organization or events backed by key individuals who give their spirit to what they build – I am not after industrialized events. Furthermore, those “entrepreneurs” must be truly passionate about what they’re doing, and authentic in their relationship (read: I hate buying insurances). Also, they must have a vision, they must target a (possibly difficult) goal to reach. I understand that not all events want to grow or become more “sophisticated” – and that’s fine – but I usually pass then, not for me.
  • My help must be a “leverage”: I don’t want to financially fully back an event, nor do I want to help a big machine. Instead, I sponsor an event/organization whenever I feel that a small help can induce much bigger (non-linear) changes. This means that I usually help not-yet stable organizations, or having reached a fragile plateau and in need of increased viability.

Also, until now I’ve been providing anonymous help because I felt there would be no added benefit for those events (nor for me) to make it public/visible. I am now going to change this: since I start applying some “selection criteria” for events I sponsor, I think it makes sense to somehow “link them together” i.e. to publicly state that I think those events fall in a same “category”, are backed by interesting entrepreneurs, etc. People can trust my judgment or not, but those who do might find it beneficial. I’ll probably find a place on this blog where I can list those events/organization. What I lack at this point is a common brand/label that I can use as a “sponsor” to identify those events – if you have any idea, feel free to share them with me.





1. alesj - April 26, 2009

What about sponsoring some beer from 18-20 May at LeCerf? 🙂

2. Sacha - April 27, 2009

Sure, what happens then? Who will be there? Well, at least you and Adrian I guess 🙂

3. --noel - April 27, 2009

Seems that the human factor is key.


4. alesj - April 27, 2009

>> what happens then?
MC team meeting.

>> Who will be there?
Whole MC team (which is now more then just Adrian and me :-)).

>> Well, at least you and Adrian I guess

I’ll ping you on the 18th, OK?

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