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I am leaving Red Hat. Onward. March 29, 2009

Posted by Sacha in JBoss.

Eigher Mönch and Jüngfrau from home on the 27th of March 2009JBoss has been part of my life for exactly 8 years and now is time for me to move on.

From my first contribution to JBoss 2.x, to setting up JBoss EMEA operations throughout the RHT acquisition, these have been incredible times for me.

So, why am I leaving now? Well, JBoss is kicking and well alive. Sales are booming, the product pipeline is full and new talents are energizing our ranks. We are now 33 months after the acquisition of JBoss by Red Hat and it is fair to say it is a great success.

Where am I going next? First of all, I am not completely leaving Red Hat, I’ll remain available as an external advisor to Paul Cormier. But other than that, I don’t have any clear plans outside of spending the next 6 months actively doing nothing.




JBoss to join forces with Apache CXF March 26, 2009

Posted by Sacha in JBoss.

We announced yesterday that we are joining the Apache CXF project. So, what does it mean exactly?

Today, our Web Services stack, JBossWS 3.0, is actually a pretty sophisticated abstraction layer which can use either our own WS implementation (JBoss WS Native), Apache CXF or Metro – and this in a totally transparent way to the developer.

While this abstraction is a nice thing to have, we cannot spread our efforts thin on those three implementations. Consequently, we have decided to focus our future efforts on a single stack: JBossWS-CXF. This will make sure we maintain our competitive edge, rapidly support current and emerging Web Services standards and ensure we have proven interoperability. Obviously, much like in the past, we will also make fully certify this stack (EE5, etc.)

So, is this a problem if you are using JBoss Native WS today? No, certainly not: this will be a long term transition and our EAP and SOA-P customers will benefit from our commitment to and long-term support for the current JBoss Native WS stack – stability and long term commitment is part of the advantages you get when you become an JBoss Enterprise Middleware customer (vs. our community/.org projects).

Congratulations to the ASF for grooming such a great project.



Should I fire my banker? March 9, 2009

Posted by Sacha in /dev/null, Finance.
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