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I’ve tested for you: Do sport cars attract women? December 16, 2008

Posted by Sacha in /dev/null, Cars.

porsche911turboI can be considered as a reasonable car-lover (actually, I can be considered “reasonable” for anything – I am Swiss). So a few months back, I decided to satisfy an old dream and buy a Porsche 911 Turbo (a used one – I am “reasonable”). It was the perfect model, the perfect color, the perfect price and, more than anything, the perfect age: at 33, you cannot be accused of going through your mid-life crisis. Bottom line: the perfect Swiss-situation, flying under the radar.

As soon as I got my car (it was sometimes this summer), most of my friends asked me “So, does it work with women? I mean… you know…” Great question, and yes, I know what you mean.

For complete disclosure, I am the perfectly happy husband of a wonderful wife who i) thinks cars are cans with wheels, ii) vote on the left of the left and iii) elegantly hides her face with her hair when there is no choice but to use my capitalistic car to go some place. Hence, if my wife had to be the first women to go through my test, it would have been a total failure.

Now, after a few months of somehow scientific testing, I am ready to report two essential findings:

  • Sport cars do NOT attract women;
  • Sport cars DO attract 8 years old boys.

And this is not based on mixed-results: sport cars (Porsche at least) had no impact whatsoever on women (so inexistant that I don’t even need to define what “impact” means – nada, zero). On the other hand, 8 years old boys are totally CRAZY about them. They know everything about them and could easily trade “2 months without watching TV” against “a bumpy ride”. A friend of mine even had his son organize a ride with one of his buddies the day they had a school-organized event at a theater. Obviously, I was asked to stop the car “just in front of the theather” so they could be well visible 🙂

My wife must be right, I am like an 8 years old sometimes…



P.S.: for sake of completeness, I must add that my daughter Eva – she is two years old – loves my car and the noise it makes. She could even recognize the Porsche logo on a piece of paper and associate it with “la voiture de papa” when she was 18 months.  Based on that, I’ll try to determine when females starts totally ignoring sport cars.



1. Dimitris - December 17, 2008

For your results to have any scientific value you need to research the impact on less “reasonable” societies. I would happily volunteer to test drive it in this part of the world and report back 😉

2. Rich Sharples - December 17, 2008

Sacha, you don’t look a day over 32. It must be the clean Alpine air.

3. Sacha - December 17, 2008


I think you actually make a very good point, I am convinced my results would have been “slightly” different in countries around the Mediterranean sea. Now, given that the distance between Neuchâtel and Athens is 2’145km, I am not sure you want to “enjoy” the comfort of such a car on such a long distance. But you’ll probably argue that you’re wiling to give that much to for scientific research.


Yes, not sure what it is, but it seems like my face refuses to get older. Who knows, maybe I’ll look old overnight sometimes in 10 years (!)

4. Niklas Andersson - December 17, 2008

Hi Sasha!

I’m Niklas Andersson, the Swedish Journalist, living in Spain. We met at “Open Source World Conference” in Malaga about a month ago.

I’ve had the pleasure to run my BMW Z3 convertible for plenty of years on costa del sol. Now I’m about to sell it though as I dont dare to take it on yet another ride between Sweden and Spain just to pass the yearly revision (I’ve got swedish plates)

One of my favourite hobbies where to take the car and a gorgeous girl to Ronda, a nice spectacular village about 40km north of Marbella, with Lenny Kravitz in the loud speakers and the sun in my face.

“Ignoring you” is just part of the game, but I guess once you’re “hooked” i.e married the car becomes a threat. My ex-wife loved my car til the day we married – then she wanted me to sell it 🙂

Congrats to a nice car, and to JBoss 5.0.0!

Sacha - December 17, 2008

LOL, I do remember you Niklas! Maybe I should just start driving on the sea coast one of these days to (un-)validate my scientific research.

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6. Matt Asay - December 30, 2008

@Sacha: I hate to say this, but my minivan doesn’t attract women, and it also doesn’t attract 8-year old boys, though I am often forced to load it up with my son’s 9-year old friends. At those times I wish I had a Porsche so that I could only fit my son in the car, but my wife prefers me to take all of them.

7. Constantin V. - January 26, 2009

What about a Ferrari ?

My point is that with a Ferrari you are less likely to look “nouveau riche” ! Maybe the swiss women ignore you because in switzerland
a Porsche is too common 🙂

To complete your study, you should try different cars,
and the choices are straigthforward: Ferrari, Lamborghini…

Sacha - January 26, 2009

nah…. Ferrari would look WAY MORE “nouveau riche”. Actually, the “problem” might be that with a Porsche you fly under the radar in Switzerland (Pun not intended). Based on some non-scientific evidence, I bet that a Maseratti would work: luxury car, but very classy… Plus, might be cheap to get one these days with the number of young traders looking to trade their luxury car for food.

8. Eric Wallace - February 6, 2009

first off let me compliment you on your choice of cars. I am not much for imports(I live in upstate NY in the US), but if i was going to buy an import it would definately be a porsche, I have always like porsches and I happen to love the way the 911 looks. However I think that your flying under the radar theory might be right, it would be like if i had bought a mustang, because in my area they are basically a dime a dozen and everyone and their brother has one. In light of this, I opted to purchase a 1986 camaro, and let me tell you just the fact that there aren’t many around is enough to draw attention from the ladies. I think your research would be better served if you tried a few different cars, like a Maseratti, maybe a Mercedes or high end BMW. I might just be a crazy yankee, but I would getting yourself a nice dose of good old fashioned American muscle.

9. Wally - June 12, 2009

Don’t take offense to this.
i love the porsche and how it looks. my uncle has one in connecticut.
But i find that if u had a car that no one sees, then u get attention from women. I see tons of porsches. I have also seen out of shape guys with lambos get hot girls. Also you should get red or yellow to make it flashy as possible so people will know that you own an exotic. Women will know that you are different and higher status when they see everyone respecting you for having an exotic.
if you have an aston martin, just tell them that it is the James Bond car

10. Mike - August 26, 2009

Last week I saw ferrari f430 scuderia and porsche 997 turbo side bye side, interesting is that all the girls,boys,women,man look at ferrari but not a lot ppl look at porsche. 997 turbo was totally inferior to a scuderia that it was so sad.
I’m trying to say that cars like lambo gallardo, ferrari f430 or new audi R8 V10 are those who attract much more than porsche’s who are allways the same looking, exotic cars get women but great sport cars like porsche don’t.

11. OG - October 29, 2010

Here in Australia,

typical women will think that a Ferrari owner is a wanker, so they will be put off, but this is because they cost double here, so it means that they are used more as poser cars rather than daily driven sports cars as they are too precious.

Ethnic ladies here would be more attracted to your Fezza, as they dont have such notions of modesty in their culture – we call it tall poppy syndrome.

Porches are respected, as they cost the same as Fezas overseas $220K new. But most good looking girls go out with over-confident football types, that treat them like disposable garbage, this attracts them, as they feel like they have finally met their match.

Cant see how woment would not think that the new Fez California is not gorgeous though! I recon they would at least consider some sort of hello to the driver – and sometimes thats all you need!

Women generally dont like the look of Lambos, they are too masculine – only guys can love them. Mazeratis are associated with expensive italian bags, so girls definitely love them as well as the new convertible jags.

12. Paul - April 25, 2011

I do own a Porsche 997 Carrera S, and can tell you right now that it certainly DOES attract women, though they all claim not to be impressed by it, but want to be driven about in it nonetheless. Maybe they find me attractive and the car as a added bonus but a supercar will increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex.

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14. CommonSense - December 23, 2011

Well first of all, a Porsche isn’t exactly a Lamborghini! It’s a great sports car, but it’s a stretch to say it’s an exotic looking car! Definitely not a female head-turner type of car, but great for car enthusiasts.

Also, no disrespect to you, I’m not sure what you look like, but if you’re 500 pounds, with a face similar to a horse, even driving a Ferrari Enzo won’t work miracles with the ladies…

Sacha - December 24, 2011

Dear CommonSense,

I certainly don’t disagree with you, hence looking closer to the title of my blog post: “do sport cars attract women”, and not “do exotic looking cars with James Blunt driving it attract women?” As I already know the answer to the second question.

15. how to meet a girl - February 13, 2013

Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long
as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My
blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors
would certainly benefit from a lot of the information you
provide here. Please let me know if this alright with you.

Sacha - February 13, 2013

Susie, what is the link to your blog? I’d like to read it first, thanks!

16. Nick - September 11, 2013

I own a salvage dealership for the last 20 years and in that time I have driven almost every exotic vehicle. I can tell you without a reasonable doubt that driving a sports car does attract women. I am not sure if the women a sports car attracts is the women you want to marry but you could defiantly have a good time. From my experience the most attractable vehicles were Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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