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The first clustered RoR server is … JBoss! November 12, 2008

Posted by Sacha in JBoss.
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Thanks to the great work that Bob McWhirter has done recently, Ruby on Rails users can not only run their RoR applications on top of JBoss, but they can get access to some of its very Enterprisey Features out of the box.

The clean integration Bob has performed not only enables in-place native deployment of Rails applications in a way familiar to traditional rubyists, but you also get rock-solid clustering out of the box with fancy features such as field-level replication. And if you are not a Java-lover, that’s fine, you’ll get all of this without having to care about Java: you’ll just put your RoR in a dedicated folder and configure the features you want in XML configuration files, that’s it. That most probably puts JBoss as the first RoR runtime server to provide true clustering capabilities with load-balancing and state replication.

And that’s not all: Bob is currently working on increasing the number of features that can be leveraged by RoR apps from the JBoss foundations. If you want to follow what he’s doing, the best way is to subscribe to his RoR-on-JBoss dedicated mailing list. Also, if you are a RoR developer and have ideas on what you’d like to see leveraged from JBoss (Transactions? Hibernate? Messaging? BPM? Drools? Something else?) please chime in (and contribute if you feel like a star!)





1. Charles Oliver Nutter - November 13, 2008

Folks have been deploying JRuby on Rails in GlassFish with clustering for quite a while now, and I believe it works fine. I’m sure this adds finer-grained clustering support and other niceities, but the subject line is incorrect.

Cool stuff either way 🙂

2. JBoss Developers Newsletter | November « Red Hat Newsletters - June 16, 2009

[…] that you can now get it complete with feature-rich clustering built into the server. As I mention in my blog, that probably makes JBoss the very first RoR runtime server to provide true clustering […]

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