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JBoss as a JBoxx November 11, 2008

Posted by Sacha in JBoss.

The Thincrust team at RHT has been recently been on one of my old dreams: the JBoxx i.e. a JBoss software appliance. And the result is very good: in a not-yet optimized 299Mo download you end up with a minimal Fedora + OpenJDK + JBoss AS 5.0 software appliance. No need to pick up the right JVM, no need to optimize the OS and JVM for JBoss, everthing is directly properly setup for you inside the appliance.

From there, you can either run it on any desktop/laptop/server running KVM/VMware/Xen, done. You can also run in on your laptop while developing at home (similuating your production environment as closely as possible) and then migrate the exact same appliance on your more powerful desktop PC once you are back at the office.

But you can also to run it “in the cloud“. The Thincrust team has uploaded several JBoxx images to Amazon EC2 (the id below is actually a Fedora+OpenJDK+JBoss AS+JOPR shared appliance). Once you’ve installed the EC2 toolset on your computer, running the following commands will do the trick:

ec2-run-instances ami-3c31d555 (start the instance)
ec2-authorize default -p 8080 (authorize access to port 8080)

And voila, a few seconds after ,you can access your instance on http:[EC2_INSTANCE_PUBLIC_IP]:8080/embedded-jopr/


If you are interested in following or helping with that effort, the best way is to follow Bob McWhirter’s new blog (implemented in Rails, running on top of JBoss AS) or subscribe to the Thincrust mailing list.





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