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JBoss AS is now EE5 certified! September 15, 2008

Posted by Sacha in JBoss.

As promised a few weeks back, we just released JBoss AS 5.0CR2. Two of our main CR2 release criteria were i) full EE5 TCK compliance and ii) 100% of our test suite passing the tests. Consequently, after 27098 tests, I am very happy to report that we are now very officially passing the EE5 TCK. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the JBoss AS contributors (as well as those of our affiliated projects) who’ve restlessly fought hard to make it happen; it has really been a two year sprint.

While for most of our users, using JBoss 4.x was “good enough” (i.e. it already contains most of the EE5 components such as EJB3 and support for Web Services), some companies strictly relying on such certification have been waiting a long time for this version.

But this release is not just important to those users, it is also a very important time for us at JBoss: we have been investing so much of our expertise and innovation in the EE5 specifications, notably in EJB3 and JPA, that we are extremely proud to see this innovation finally come to light in our product. EE5 very much signifies the end of Java’s era of Enterprise middleware arrogance (“we are complex because we are powerful”). “Simplicity” is now a respected criteria in this new era of Java middleware.

OK, enough self-congratulation; what next? In 10 days, we are going to have a JBoss AS engineering meeting in Neuchâtel to polish the codebase for the official GA tagging and prioritize the post-GA tasks. Given that the GA release should happen in the next 6 weeks or so, we are working in parallel on the content of the EAP 5.0 (the only version of the software Red Hat supports).





1. Julien Viet - September 18, 2008

Congratulation to the whole team for that huge effort!

2. Rich Sharples’ Blog » Blog Archive » Java EE 5 - check ! - September 18, 2008

[…] Now we just need another push to complete the productization process for the supported version that we’ll include in JBoss EAP 5.0. You can read more in Sacha’s blog. […]

3. JEE developer - September 18, 2008

Now it’s too late I guess, we had been waiting for this for a long time and now switch to GF and it works just fine, I don’t think company want to move back JBoss. Could you please show me some features that is only in JBoss?
Also just wondering that what OSGI implementation that you are using? can it be switchable?

4. Dalibor Topic - September 18, 2008


5. René Leonhardt - September 19, 2008

Is there a migration guide for JBoss 4.2.3 EJB3 applications?

I have a Struts 1.3.8 and EJB 3.0 EAR application which works just fine in JBoss 4.2.3 but JBoss 5.0.0.CR2 gives many errors:

java.sql.SQLException: Table already exists: JBM_USER

JAXWSDeployerHookPreJSE] (main) Cannot load servlet class: org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet

org.jboss.kernel.plugins.dependency.AbstractKernelController] (main) Error installing to Configured: name=jboss.jacc:id=”vfszip:/C:/Programme/jboss-5.0.0.CR2/server/default/deploy/myapplication.ear/myapplication-ejb.jar”,parent=”myapplication.ear”,service=jacc state=Instantiated mode=Manual requiredState=Configured
org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: No Attribute found with name: PolicyConfigurationFacadeMBean for jboss.jacc:service=jacc,id=”vfszip:/C:/Programme/jboss-5.0.0.CR2/server/default/deploy/myapplication.ear/myapplication-ejb.jar”,parent=”myapplication.ear”, attributes: [JaccContextID, PolicyConfiguration]

ravi gupta - June 23, 2010

Did you ever find a guide to migrate 4.2 ejb to 5?

6. Sacha - September 19, 2008

JEE developer,

Sorry to hear that. We are not using any OSGi implementation, we are instead mapping the OSGi interfaces to our own microcontainer (MC): the MC is a superset of what OSGi specifies.




Could you please post this issue in our forums? That is exactly the kind of feedback we need. And you will get much more useful feedback in forums rather than on my blog. Plus, I don’t know how to write code anymore 😉



7. Ales Justin - September 19, 2008

JEE developer

For starters, I suggest visiting our MC home page for unique features:
And you can follow up on our MC user forum if you have some more specific questions:


This would be the forum to post this:

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[…] Sacha and Dimitris have already spoken to the ongoing status and importance of this milestone, so I won’t reiterate their points. […]

9. Sami Jaber - September 24, 2008


It would be *very* nice if in the same time you can focus your efforts in releasing JBoss Embedded 5.0 GA. Bill Burke has released for a while a good tool in beta but has never been available to support it (a forum in JBoss.org is opened for that).

Embedding micro container to simplify unit testing is a new wave in software development, even some ESB (like ServiceMix) try to focus in this area



10. Blog Xebia France - Revue de Presse Xebia - September 29, 2008

[…] le rôle d’un conteneur d’EJB 3 est enfin certifié Java EE 5. Sacha Labourey, JBoss, annonce dans JBoss AS is now EE5 certified! que la version release sera disponible dans les semaines à venir. Il n’en reste pas moins que […]

11. vijay mohan p - October 26, 2008

i was waiting for this moment to start the project

12. Blog Xebia France - Revue de Presse Xebia - October 27, 2008

[…] Il est encore un peu tôt pour le dire. Notez tout de même que JBoss AS 5 est en RC2 depuis déjà plus d’un mois, date à laquelle il avait franchi la plus grande marche lui restant à gravir (La Certification […]

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[…] reading: the Java EE 5 (formerly known as J2EE), and the fact that JBoss is now EE5 certified. […]

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[…] Previously, Jboss AS 5 had been announced for february 2008 (see Where is JBossAS GA 5), but this seemed to be too optimistic. A major milestone was reached when Jboss AS 5 RC2 was officially EE 5 certified. A careful guess for the GA release date was then made for early November 2008 (see JBoss AS is now EE5 certified!). […]

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[…] JBoss that still do not have a production release that is Java EE 5 certified. Although they announced it’s arrival more than a month back, I do not see a production version available as yet. They have a […]

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