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Kava: JBoss community in China is growing! September 2, 2008

Posted by Sacha in JBoss.

I was discussing with Bruno Georges this morning about the APAC market and he pointed me at the Kava Community web site and it is pretty impressive! The Kava community is writing blog entries in Chinese, reporting on JBoss activities and more importantly translating the JBoss.org documentation into Chinese! Our growth in China is very good and I am happy to see such communities emerge, that’s a great signal.

I’d like to take that opportunity to mention the growing number of JBoss-related articled published at DZone. If you haven’t done so yet, please visit the JBoss homepage at DZone. Recent entries include introductions to JBoss AOP, introductions to JBoss RichFaces, to REST, etc.





1. kava - September 26, 2008

Kava yeah we in Vanuatu love drinking kava, it has been a sacred drink for us long long time ago until now. It carries a lot of respect and honour, therefore kava is considered the drink of the Gods,

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