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I am back! August 26, 2008

Posted by Sacha in IT, JBoss.

You know that summer is over when your CEO calls you and say “Glad to see you back, you’ve been away like… one month or so, no?” At this point, you have very little time to choose your fire-back strategy:

  • i) explain him you were *not* away for 4 weeks in the first place (but as anybody in marketing will tell you: “never fight perceptions”),
  • ii) explain him that for a European, taking less than 6 weeks off is actually kind of rare (but having tried that argument before, it rarely makes any American sympathize with you)
  • iii) laugh loudly to officially consider this politely masked criticism as a joke (politicians love this one).

My brain was probably not working fast enough on that Monday morning and I replied some mix of i), ii) and iii) making me sound i) guilty, ii) lazy and iii) confuse.

Anyway, after this out-of-body experience, I am back in the trenches, fully energized and will start blogging again more regularly.

So, stay tuned!





1. Andrig Miller - August 27, 2008

You should have told him that you were actually gone all summer. That would have got him!

2. Bret McMillan - August 27, 2008

Next time, just tell him you were really working, but wanted to help reduce the roll-over benefits liability line in the GL. 😉

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