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Revue de Presse August 28, 2008

Posted by Sacha in IT, JBoss.
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As usual, summer time is a calm period. It is not that “nothing happens”, it is just that nobody wants to release any PR given that “nothing happens”, Q.E.D.

Still, I was able to catch some good news here and there…

First, there was this intriguing article about Open Source Software in Business Week. The article essentially depicts a market where Open Source companies are not “that” successful and exit strategies are pretty rare – only mentioning the stratospheric 10 digits MySQL acquisition. Well, that is a bit weak… Remember the USD 350m (+$70m = $420m) JBoss acquisition? The XenSource acquisition (USD 500m)? Zimbra (USD 350m)? Still, what really got my attention was a paragraph stating that “a handful of small open-source software companies — including collaboration software maker Alfresco Software and SpringSource … — are seeing rapid sales growth“. Well, I cannot comment on their sales growth (since this information is not public), but I can certainly congratulate their PR firm for so successfully pitching Business Week! So while the article was very average, congratulations to Schwartz PR (JBoss, Inc. PR firm in a previous life) and PageOne.

Speaking of SpringSource, they released a PR at the very end of June announcing they had raised an additional USD 15m, and this just one year after having raised 10m USD. That’s quite a bit of money but, hey, oil is getting expensive! What surprised me the most is that they released this PR during the summer (remember: “nothing happens”) and that the news didn’t even made it to TSS. What’s going on Schwartz PR? Oh, wait, maybe that was intentional… 🙂

There was also this study from Fortify Software which states that “The use of Fortify tools to identify vulnerabilities in open source software has demonstrated that risk exists.” He he… “Risk exists”. I’ll keep this quote somewhere. I bet their next study will reveals that “bugs exists” or “programs are usually composed of several bits”. Anyway, I looked at the report and stopped reading when it claimed they had reported issues to the projects (we never received any feedback from Fortify) and that we didn’t have procedure in place to report security issues (visit this page – http://www.redhat.com/security/team/contact/). Snore…

Then we have IDC reporting that even though the server market grew by 6.4% in Q2 (+11.1% in units – which btw shows an interesting discrepancy between volume and units!), SUN’s market share dropped as their revenue declined by 7.2%. As a result, SUN’s stock price dropped to 8.86, i.e. an enterprise value of 5.22B, for 13.88B in revenue… “.com” days, where are you? I can only imagine SUN’s next board meeting:

  • Jonathan, are you really sure about this “open source” thingy? I never quite understood software anyway…
  • Yeah, it is really cool and all, good stuff
  • Well, I don’t doubt it is “cool stuff”, but the un-cool-but-hot-irons are paying our bills at the moment… can you explain us again what is the timing of the transition to this new business model and how it will work out?
  • Damned, I cannot believe it, you are just a bunch of materialists! Anyway, I need to go, I have some Solaris freebies to distribute to some of my new buddies in Brazil
  • But, Jonahtan…
  • I already asked you to call me “brother”, not “Jonathan” anymore… Anyway, I need to go now if I want to arrive on time at the airport
  • But the plane takes off in 3 hours only!
  • Yeah, but I decided to go there on my bike.

Speculations on who is going to acquire SUN (again) have already started in cafeterias around the world. Kidding apart, this must be a tough time for some of the great minds still working at SUN.

Last but not least, Oracle. The impressive Safra Katz is stepping aside from her position as a CFO. Given she certainly didn’t do this to have less importance in the company, it can only mean she will have more importance. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her promoted CEO in the next 18 months. Larry shouldn’t be shy about the replacement he found to lead Oracle. Speaking of Larry, I’d like to finish that blog entry with a clarification. One of my colleagues and friend, François Déchery, recently told me that on stage at JBoss World I looked like Larry Ellison. I’d like to make it clear that I am not Larry’s secret son, nor did I get a 38% pay rise (but I am open to that idea).




I am back! August 26, 2008

Posted by Sacha in IT, JBoss.

You know that summer is over when your CEO calls you and say “Glad to see you back, you’ve been away like… one month or so, no?” At this point, you have very little time to choose your fire-back strategy:

  • i) explain him you were *not* away for 4 weeks in the first place (but as anybody in marketing will tell you: “never fight perceptions”),
  • ii) explain him that for a European, taking less than 6 weeks off is actually kind of rare (but having tried that argument before, it rarely makes any American sympathize with you)
  • iii) laugh loudly to officially consider this politely masked criticism as a joke (politicians love this one).

My brain was probably not working fast enough on that Monday morning and I replied some mix of i), ii) and iii) making me sound i) guilty, ii) lazy and iii) confuse.

Anyway, after this out-of-body experience, I am back in the trenches, fully energized and will start blogging again more regularly.

So, stay tuned!



Ex-JBoss stockholders, please read this! August 11, 2008

Posted by Sacha in JBoss.
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To all ex-JBoss stockholders,

The escrow born from the JBoss/Red Hat merger is soon going to be released to the ex-JBoss stockholders. In order to make sure the process is as painless as possible, we need to have up-to-date contact information for all ex-JBoss stockholders. Consequently, if your e-mail or postal mail address has changed since early 2006, please write to jboss-escrow [at] labourey.com with your updated information.

Also, I am not expecting all ex-JBoss stockholders to monitor my blog. Consequently, if you aware of any ex-colleague at JBoss who changed contact information, please forward her/him that information.

Thank you. Cheers,

Sacha Labourey, ex-JBoss stockholder representative.