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WELCOME: Railo goes Open Source on JBoss.org June 5, 2008

Posted by Sacha in JBoss.

I am very happy to welcome Railo as part of the (growing!) JBoss.org community.

Railo announced today at the “Scotch on the Rocks 2008” conference in Edinburgh its plans to release an open source version of the Railo CFML® engine hosted at JBoss.org (under the LGPL license). The codebase should be fully open sourced by the end of 2008 at the latest and will be available for download from the JBoss.org community website. Just to make it clear, they are not going to open source just a “baby edition”. Instead, they will open source the complete codebase except a few components they are licensing from a thirdparty (such as the PDF generation and their online admin console) and which cannot be open sourced.

For the EE-monomaniacs, let me share more about CFML®. CFML® (ColdFusion Markup Language) is a scripting language based on standard HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) that is used to write dynamic Web pages. Railo is a CFML® engine that converts CFML® code into executable Java bytecode, which can be run on JBoss (as well as other environments). This provides programmers the well-known productivity of CFML® development with the high performance and scalability of the Java and JBoss runtime environments.

But the teams won’t just stop there. Railo and the JBoss.org community will be working on several enhancements to provide CFML® developers tag-based access to some core services available in JBoss AS today, including JBoss Cache, Hibernate and JBoss Messaging. This is a great opportunity for the massive CFML® developer community to extend their possibilities beyond the traditional CFML® environment: it gives this community access to our complete enterprise feature set (best transaction monitor, security, SSO, etc.) as well as a direct access to our SOA products (JBoss Rules, jBPM, JBoss ESB, etc.) or even our JSLEE/SIP server!

There is like a fresh breeze blowing through the CFML® community today 🙂



P.S.: Next week, JBoss.org will feature a video interview of Gert Franz (CEO and founder of Railo) and Luc Texier (JBoss EMEA+APAC Support Lead – ex-CFML programmer).

Addenda: I’ve posted a follow-up blog entry on that very topic



1. AJ Mercer - June 5, 2008

Congratulations to Railo Technologies.

This will be a big step forward for CFML, introducing it to a new web community – you are going to love this 😉

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3. michael neale - June 6, 2008

awesome news sacha ! Cfml lives ! I remember it fondly.

4. Gary Gilbert - June 6, 2008

I was a really great surprise to hear that Railo will be joining the JBoss community. From a Coldfusion Developers perspective it really does open up a whole new area for us, especially if there is going to be a tight integration with JBoss AS.

Additionally I should also mention that CFML also contains a non-tag based scripting variant and is not only a tag based.

5. Sacha - June 6, 2008


Thanks for your message, we are also very excited about this.


Much like Luc, it seems you are an ex-CFML that does his “coming-out” only now 😉 It seems that many many EE developers first went through a CFML experience.


That is very true, opening up new opportunities is exactly what Railo had in mind when they first approached us. If you want to contribute to the project, let us know, we’d gladly accept your contributions!

Oh, and last but not least, let me add a few things:

– CFML and ColdFusion are Trademarks of the very innovative Adobe Systems Inc. (ADBE – http://finance.google.com/finance?q=NASDAQ%3AADBE)
– The one who first put us in touch with Railo was my friend Bruno Georges, tech dev manager at JBoss – Thanks Bruno!



6. Andy Allan - June 9, 2008

As the organiser behind Scotch on the Rocks it was such an honour to have Gert and Luc announce this in Edinburgh.

It’s an amazing time to be a CFML developer.

7. Sacha - June 9, 2008


Congratulations for the conference, I’ve heard many good things from Luc about it.

If you want to present something at the next JBoss World Conference about mix-CFML/JBoss development, that would be a great idea!



8. Andy Allan - June 10, 2008


That would be a fantastic idea. I’ll be in constant touch with Gert about “things” but maybe we should exchange a few emails as well?


9. Gerald Guido - June 11, 2008

…(such as the PDF generation and their online admin console) and which cannot be open sourced.

So… no server/web admins?

So we are back to editing xml/config files like with Open BD?

10. Sacha - June 11, 2008


Feel free to contact me, I am sure you can guess my e-mail address from the URL of this blog 🙂


Those features will not be open sourced because Railo doesn’t have the right to open source them – not for any other reason. However, this doesn’t mean you are stuck in XML-land 🙂 JBoss is collaborating with Hyperic on the http://www.rhq-project.org/ project which is currently used as the foundation for our JBoss ON maangement platform (http://www.jboss.com/products/jbosson).

If you are interested in providing management features for Railo (monitoring, configuration, discovery, etc., you can do so pretty easily by implementing a RHQ plugin. If you want to learn more about this process, you should start reading Heiko Rupp’s 5 blog entries on that topic: http://pilhuhn.blogspot.com/2008/05/writing-rhq-plugin-part-1.html



11. Joe Rinehart - June 11, 2008


This was fantastic news.

I was at Scotch when this was announced, and immediately shifted my “ColdFusion and Hibernate” presentation to be a “CFML and Open Source Java” – basically, I presented on a Railo + Hibernate + Spring stack, and it *just worked*. Using CFML’s super-easy templating / view / SOA layer with the enterprise backend and having it all be open-source is a dream.


I’m running the beta, and it has admin consoles. Gert, can you clarify?

12. Sacha - June 12, 2008


Glad you like it. I’ll let Gert comment on the console, but as no code has been open sourced yet, the beta binary is still the one based on the proprietary codebase (which can rely on the licensed thirdparty components). Once open sourced, these thirdparty components won’t be present anymore.



13. Jens - June 12, 2008

Will it be possible to use CFML as the view in a Seam app?

14. Anthony C McClure - June 13, 2008

Hey Sacha and All,

Any plans to let cfobject easily lookup EJB3 session beans?

Would be awesome 🙂

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16. Steven Erat - June 25, 2008

I’m just as excited about the open source CFML engine Railo’s integration with JBoss as everyone else, but with respect to the comment “This will be a big step forward for CFML, introducing it to a new web community”, I’d just like point out that the Adobe ColdFusion Server introduced full support for JBoss about a year ago with the release of ColdFusion 8. In fact, I’m writing this from one of the machines which I tested and QA’d that configuration.

17. Streit Michael - June 26, 2008

There will be no restriction with the railo web/server administrator in the OS Version, the administrator is only a cfml application around the tag cfadmin.
the tags cfdocument and cfpdf will be available as well, we have found a solution with the producer of the pdf library to bring the full pdf functionality to Railo OS.

18. Sacha - June 26, 2008


You are correct. Maybe Railo will help the other way around then: some JBoss developers might be interested in looking at what is Railo (due to the out-of-the-box experience) and then help grow the CFML community. But as you pointed out, the other way around was already possible before (through Adobe Coldfusion or Railo btw).



19. Matthew - September 2, 2008

Could you point me to some example code of 3.0 using Flex / Flash Remoting? Everything I have found does not work. Please help if you can.


20. Boris - September 16, 2008

I would like to know if the opensource version of Railo has all the multimedia options available in Railo 3.0 enterprise.

21. Gert Franz - October 10, 2008

Boris, almost 🙂

CFVIDEOPLAYER will be in the OS version. For CFVIDEO you can purchase an extension package which will be available for install for around 30 US$ or so…


22. Dave - October 17, 2008

Great, 🙂
will opensource Railo version in include the Railo Secure Archive.

23. Boris - October 20, 2008

Thanx. It sounds great. But what will be the future of Railo 3.0 enterprise? Will the commercial version be over?

24. Adam - November 28, 2008

Any idea on the release date of Railo 3.1?

25. Meikel - December 2, 2008

Any news on the release date of Railo 3.1?

Gary Gilbert - March 29, 2009

The Open Source release is scheduled for the end of March 2009. Check back in 2 days.

26. Gianna - August 31, 2009

Railo Open Source is available for download at http://www.getrailo.org/

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