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Plate Tectonics May 7, 2008

Posted by Sacha in JBoss.

Changes in the IT industry seem to happen like plate tectonics motion: in spades.

Last week, ORCL announce they had closed their BEAS acquisition. That was fast, less than four months! This probably shows that this acquisition was just a blip on the radar of ORCL’s highly exercised M&A team. As a consequence of this acquisition, the market suddenly got much simpler with one less vendor in Gartner’s magic quadrant. Given ORCL’s past claims that they owned such a big chunk of the middleware market share, some might find it surprising that the EU didn’t consider this new Frankenstein as a monopoly… It will be very interesting to see what they keep/throw away from their multiples middleware stacks. If you are a customer one of their customers, feel free to contact us, we’ll be glad to tell you all about freeing your infrastructure from vendor lock-in 🙂

SpringSource also announced their GPL3/proprietary “application server” (yes, we are in 2008). While I can understand that some of SpringSource’s execs and VCs are motivated by a quick exit strategy, I was a bit shocked by their announcement: going proprietary from a BSDish offering is quite a jump. I doubt everybody at SpringSource must be considering this move as compatible with their DNA – never go against your DNA. I predict SpringSource’s next board meetings will be pretty “energetic”. Also, their dance around OSGi was a bit disappointing. JBoss has been using a microkernel since 2001 and we know exactly why decided not to go straight with OSGi as the core of our next microcontainer, but instead provide an OSGi “personality” on top of our POJO-based microcontainer – providing much more powerful feature than a raw OSGi implementation). It seems SpringSource still need to go through that 7-years learning experience.

Last but not least, SUN announced their Q3 report and missed the street’s expectations, by quite a bit… In the same, spasm, they announced they would cut their workforce by 1’500-to-2’500 employees! Fast forward by a few days and voilà, this week at the Moscone Center (SFO, SUN hosts JavaOne, its yearly party. Bad timing, very bad timing to party.

The AS-war is over, les jeux sont faits.





1. Matt Brubeck - May 19, 2008

Don’t you mean JAVA?

2. Sacha - May 19, 2008


Yes, obviously, but I am very hesitant to write JAVA to mean “Sun Microsystems” as I think that was definitively a premature move on their side. So for now, Sun will remain SUNW on my blog 🙂



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