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Bye, Bye Ryan – Welcome Rich! April 30, 2008

Posted by Sacha in JBoss.

For most of us, professional life is about meeting the next challenge, finding the “next thing” that will make you happy when you wake-up every morning (or slightly later if you are an engineer).

Last week, Ryan Campbell, our head of QE for JBoss, decided it was time for him to join the dark side and move onto the other side of the QE lab: after helping us make even stronger software, he is going back to his roots, that of code writing. Hence, bugs. Ryan joined JBoss in 2004 and has done a phenomenal job, building up our complete QE team, setting up our processes, and always fighting for what he thought was “the right thing”(c). Ryan, your future is bright! In turn, this also means that if you think you can be JBoss’s next QE-superstar (Ryan has set the bar high – no amateurs please), contact us!

At about the same time as Ryan’s change, another talent was joining our company; Rich Sharples, key individual in the Glassfish project at SUN Microsystems. He’s only been in the company for a few weeks, but I am already impressed by the quality of his work. Great ideas, fast brain, …I like that :). So welcome Rich, you are going to do great things at JBoss!

BTW, we have many other open positions, so if you are the best, you might want to consider joining us.



Update 1: You can read Rich’s blog here.



1. Alexis MP - April 30, 2008

Congrats to Rich on the new job, he’s good guy indeed.
GlassFish is everywhere, really! 😉

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