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Audi RS6: 11 days to go… September 2, 2007

Posted by Sacha in Cars.

In the last 12 months, I’ve been closely tracking any bit of news I could find about the yet-to-be-released Audi RS6. My congratulations to Audi for doing such a great job at preserving the mystery: almost no info leaked. For example, originally thought to be released at the Geneva 2007 car show…it didn’t. However, chances to see it released in a few days, at the Frankfurt IAA, are close to certain.

So how much do we think we know about the yet-to-be-released RS6? Well, not much:

  • Engine: this one seems a pretty safe bet. The engine will be a modified version of the S6 (as well as V10 Lamborghini Gallardo): a 5.0L V10 bi-turbo (not a 5.2L like the S6).
  • Power: Audi went as far as officially registering two IDs for the RS6 (AUDI AG 4F 7967 AAJ 21 N31 N30 579 426 5002 for the saloon version and AUDI AG 4F 7967 AAK 21 N31 N30 579 426 5002 for the Avant), which translates into 579 PS/571 HP/426 kW). However, it wouldn’t be the first time a vendor registers fake IDs to play with the competition. Two new rumors have recently surfaced: i) to reduce CO2 emission and remain politically correct, the final number would be slightly lower (560Hp) and ii) real number would be above 600 HP. The first rumor seems more believable.
  • Suspension: it seems it is going to be a next generation of the DRC. DRC III is deemed to be fully adjustable in height and stiffness and quicker than the RS4’s version.
  • Transmission: Quattro, obviously. The big question is whether the RS6 will be the first model to host Torque Vectoring. Split between the front and back wheels is said to have changed to 40/60.
  • Chassis: it seems to be a reworked version of the S6’s chassis.
  • Lights: lights and indicators are supposed to all be LED-based. Mirror wings will feature LED-indicators.

Last but not least, while everybody was expecting to see the saloon version released prior to the Avant, it might change: some say that only the Avant is dubbed to be shown at the Frankfurt IAA: the saloon would only be released in Geneva in 2008, if ever. Also, it isn’t clear yet whether the RS6 will be available in the USA.Well, we won’t have much to wait to see how much of these rumors were true. While the IAA opens on the 13th of September, the Audi press conference is on the 11th of September. I’ll then report here which info was good.



P.S.: you can see some pictures and movies here and there.

P.S. 2: my main source of information is the great RS6.com forum.



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