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JBoss Telegram (aka .— -… — … …) April 6, 2007

Posted by Sacha in JBoss, Moved from JBoss.org.

I’ve decided to regularly provide “quick info” on the various JBoss projects (new features, numbers, etc.). As this information is usually scattered across various projects, URL or blogs, I hope this unified entry will make it easier for you to find what you were not looking for.

New product releases…

JBoss Messaging. On the new product releases first, Ovidiu and Tim have been working at 50% in the last few months, i.e. ~12 hours a day, in order to release JBoss Messaging 1.0. I am very proud of the team and of the result of their work. This implementation is fully JMS 1.1 compatible and already shows great performance improvements. Clustering features are next on the roadmap.

From a deployment standpoint, JBoss Messaging

  • can be deployed in JBoss 4.x in order to replace JBossMQ (it is backward compatible with JBossMQ configuration files),
  • will become the default JMS implementation as of JBoss 5.x, and
  • is a key component of JBoss ESB (first release due later this year).

Speaking about JBoss ESB and new product releases, the last days have seen a flurry of new releases with JBoss jBPM 3.1, JBoss Rules/Drools 3.0 and JBoss Transaction 4.2 (acquired from Arjuna Technologies and HP in December 2005). I will speak more about those in another telegram…

New tools…

Some interesting tools have also been implemented recently. First, Adrian has been working on JBossRetro, a retro-weaver that we use to retrofit JDK5 classes in order to execute them under JDK1.4 environments. While it is not the only tool that provides such features, Adrian has been investing significant resources in testing it to make sure it is rock-solid (like anything Adrian does). As an example, JBoss 4.0.4CR2, which was just released a few days ago, incorporates the new JBoss WS implementation which will also be our EE5 implementation. Given that JBoss 4.x is our EE 1.4 branch, it had to work with JDK1.4 and hence had to be retroweaved for that release. That’s what JBossRetro did.

Also, some interesting developments from Clebert Suconic: JBoss Serialization and JBoss Profiler.

JBoss Serialization, which aims at improving the performance of the Java default serialization implementation, is currently being rolled out in many JEMS projects (starting with the AS). If you need to perform deep object copy or object serialization in your project, you should consider this tool as it can provide up to a 10 times performance increase over the default “byte array” Java serialization.

JBoss Profiler is a log based profiler that can remotely analyse JVM events and provides access to key information through a Web browser. While JBoss Profiler doesn’t exhibit the sexiest interface out there, it does provide some unique features. For example, Clebert has been recently implementing a new feature that will help you find memory leaks much more easily and much faster (across re-deployments of applications in JBoss AS for example).

Zoom on…

Last but not least, I recommend to regularly check the status of a fast growing project: JBoss Mail Server. Andy Oliver’s baby is gaining great traction. As an example of its adoption, one of the European largest phone operators is using it for all of its European mobile-to-e-mail traffic. Tempted? Click here and you will have it configured and running in less than 10 minutes 🙂 (thanks to Java Web Start)

I will be back soon with a new JBoss telegram…






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