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Salut, l’Ami! February 10, 2007

Posted by Sacha in JBoss, Moved from JBoss.org.
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That’s now official: Marc has left Red Hat.

That’s strange, I have mixed feeling.

First of all, I am sad. Marc wasn’t only the founder or JBoss, he is first of all a friend, someone with whom I’ve spent a lot of time and went through many things: both great and painful times. I first met with him in 2001 and what follows is a great story. He gave me trust, respect and a unique opportunity. So, obviously, I cannot be fine to see him leave the company. In that sense it is a sad day.

But then, when I read what’s above, I sound like if Marc was dead! Damned, Marc is kicking and alive! I spoke with him yesterday and I can tell you he is full of energy, he is going to give his first math lesson today (trigonometry!), he has fun and he is happy! After 7 years of daily fights and stress, he can now enjoy some well deserved quality time. That cannot make me sad 🙂

As for JBoss, that’s a different story. JBoss is no more a “one man, one woman and a dog”-company and wasn’t anymore for quite some time. We are a great team with great talents who are driving innovation at an impressive pace. We are at a unique time in the history of JBoss: the perfect storm conditions for FOSS are lining up! Beware, we’re coming!

Love and Respect, marcf.