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Clarification on JBoss and partnership program October 12, 2005

Posted by Sacha in JBoss, Moved from JBoss.org.
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JBoss has not sued anybody for trademark infringement, and maintains partnerships with several German service providers. A single service provider in Germany acted in a manner that violated certain of our rights and mis-used our Partner Programs. In order to protect our rights and the agreements with our service provider partners, we asked this company to stop such violations. Although they did not reply at that time, we were glad to see that they did stop infringing on our rights.

It should come as no surprise that JBoss, Inc., like most companies, will stand up to defend its rights and the interests of its partners. This of course does not impact our commitment to Open Source. We are 100% committed to Open Source and to our community. JBoss grew out of the Open Source community. We remain committed to our roots as we move forward in extending the reach of Open Source development and making Open Source the safe choice for the enterprise.

Sacha Labourey
General Manager JBoss EMEA